Kim Davis SHOULD NOT be praised.

Andy Ward
3 min readSep 19, 2015

This is an open letter / response to Spencer Hann’s article for the ASU State Press — Kim Davis should be praised for living her beliefs.

Spencer starts out his article by comparing the wants of the Rowan County couples to marry, and, the wants of Kim Davis to uphold her religious belief system.

The logical connection that Hann brings to pair these two “wants” is a little diluted and convoluted.

First and foremost, Kim has every right to live out her life and practice her religion. That is UNTIL this conflicts with someone else’s liberties or freedoms.

Secondly, LGBT+ couples have the right to marry in Kentucky thanks to the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. Regardless of your opinions on gay marriage, this is a fact.

Thirdly, if we are blindly crowning people who stick to their religious convictions as “brave” or “heroes” — I am sure I could list a few religious groups or organizations who have killed or restricted other’s freedoms, and, I would love to see their work be praised by you.

Hann posits that Kim Davis, as instructed by the Bible, and Levitical Law should get a free pass at restricting these couples’ marriages.

I love Levitical Law! (Don’t we all?)

I could list all of the scriptures that include Levitical Law, that contradict with how we (Christians and others alike) do not live out our present-day-lives according to this outdated system, but I believe that this notion is already well-trod.

To save those reading this the headache, I will simply state — Kim Davis is not living her life by abiding to strict Levitical Law. (I’m sure she eats seafood, and has a mixed fabric sweater somewhere in her [outdated] wardrobe.)

Having said that, it is not sound logic to say Kim Davis is denying gay couples their right to marry by using the scripture of Leviticus.

Now Spencer, let’s get down to brass tacks. (This is where I make it a little personal, because — after all, I said it was an open letter.)

It’s obvious you have no gay friends.

You’re using microagressions and belittling the LGBT experience. Being Christian is a choice, being LGBT+ is not something that is a choice. So if we could stop the whole “it’s great that LGBT members want to follow their guidelines” bullshit, that would be great. This is just one step away from saying that being LGBTQ+ is a lifestyle, and we all know that is a slippery slope.

You state that these couples should go to a different county, because Davis won’t give the gay members of Rowan County their marriage licenses. Does it not seem weird to suggest ONE person who is disobeying the law should stay in her position of power, while THOUSANDS must relocate to do something that is permissible by law? That is just blatantly obtuse.

In conclusion: who do I think should be praised? I think those couples of Rowan County should be praised. They already live in a location that does not recognize their existence. They’ve been turned down, they’ve fought back. They’ve lived their whole existence as an “other” and now to do the most, basic, and mundane thing like getting married, they’ve been rejected once again. Their perseverance, and conviction deserve praise — not Kim Davis.





Andy Ward

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